2015 Ford Mustang Gt Reviews Specs And Prices

2015 Ford Mustang Gt

2015 ford mustang gt premium

2015 Ford Mustang Gt 6th generation began to be introduced, the engine specifications were announced at the same time. Unlike previous versions that use large engines with a capacity of more than 4,000 cc. This time Ford just give a surprise by giving Ford Mustang a choice of their environmentally friendly flagship engine known as Ford EcoBoost Engine.

2015 ford mustang gt specs

Ford Mustang EcoBoost GTDi engine is the latest breakthrough for Muscle Car legend of America today, because the total cylinder content of this machine is only 2,300 cc only, the number of slinder is also only 4. Waduh, so like the first generation Nissan Teana engine huh? But do not be disappointed first, although small, this machine is able to remove power that is not inferior to 4,000 cc engine.

Ford Mustang EcoBoost engine uses two twin scroll turbochargers that have moved from low Rpm for faster response, so do not be surprised if this GTDi EcoBoost technology is able to spend power up to 350 Ps at low Rpm at 4,500 numbers, the torque is also very promising in number 407 Nm at 2,500 Rpm. So can you imagine the acceleration will be more awesome?

2015 ford mustang gt350

Smaller engines, tentunnya weight is lighter than large machines. But not solely because it is smaller, then Ford does not provide weight reduction on this car. Ford Mustang 2.3 L EcoBoost also experienced a fairly strict diet ranging from the use of engine blocks to aluminum oil containers and the use of Electronic Power Steering.

2015 ford mustang gt price

For the price of this Ford Mustang. From Ragtop V6 priced $ 29,925, the EcoBoost Premium convertible starts at $ 35,495, and the open air Mustang GT is appreciated
$ 42,425.

2015 ford mustang gt premium


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