2017 Bmw i8 Msrp Reviews – Specs – Test Drive – Price

2017 bmw i8 msrp price

2017 bmw i8 specs

Even now, the 2017 Bmw i8 Msrp does not look like a two-year-old car. In fact, more like the new will appear in five years. In this review article, we will focus more on what it’s like to live everyday with the i8. In short,  $149,900 that you spend will not feel in vain. Check out his review below.

Bmw i8  has a BMW TwinPower Turbo B38K15T0 3-cylinder engine in line with Valvetronic, High Precision Injection and twin-scroll turbocharger 1.499 cc. And has a Maximum Power of 228 dk @ 5,800 rpm, Maximum Torque of 320 Nm @ 3,700 rpm. It has 6-speed Automatic transmission with Electric Switching Actuator and Electric Transmission Oil Pump. The I8 engine layout is Front Engine For Front Wheel Drive and Rear Motor For Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. Steering system used Electrically Assisted Power Steering with Servotronic. Front / Back Brake is supported with Cross Drilled Ventilation Disc / Cross Drilled Ventilation Disc with ABS, EBD, BA, DSC and DSC Sport.

2017 Bmw i8 Exterior

Architecture LifeDrive sports car is really proud about how the German manufacturer is concerned about sustainability.In addition to every aerodynamic curve that makes the drag coefficient of only 0.26, it is difficult to find conventional metal all over the body.

2017 bmw i8 specs

Thermoplastic Polymer makes the door shut butterfly feels light, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) as the main skeleton that is partially visible naked in the chassis is not everyone’s taste, but obviously the main reason why the weight of this car is still below 1.5 tons . The difficulty of getting in and getting out of the car was like climbing into a racing car with a roll cage, so we liked the most part but were very rewarding once inside.

While layering design inside gives the impression of strange, yet familiar because it gives the impression of futuristic for 2017 Bmw i8 Msrp interior form which we have known.


Bmw i8 Msrp Interior

In addition to the comfort access that is quite mengantukan Display Key you when into the car, 10.1-inch high definition screen with iDrive + touchpad controller so standard.

2017 bmw i8 cost

There are also cameras on all four sides (very rare in BMW USA), Intelligent Safety which became the first time also for BMW USA, up to Harman Kardon premium sound system. Although for $149,900, there are still many that need to be embedded such as electric steering settings, seats with memory or auto brake hold.

But keep in mind, i8 is the most exclusive Bavarian model you can get at BMW USA today. So if there are you want, of course, can custom i8 as you wish.Whether it’s laser headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control or whatever, just mention as long as it suits your account thickness

Bmw i8 Test Drive

Not just designs that scream the future, so does the technology offered. The small button under the Start / Stop Engine Button labeled ‘eDrive’ will transform the production version of the EfficientDynamics Concept into an electric car.Without using gasoline at all, we managed to cover a distance of 26 km with 7.1 kWh battery and 129 dk electric motor that can run solo up to 120 km / hour.

The average speed is 24 km / h and the average battery consumption of 16.1 kWh / 100 km is shown on the display. Technically, still available 4.5 percent of the remaining battery capacity to appear Auto eDrive notification that automatically re-ignite the gasoline engine.

Because of its form as a plug-in hybrid, of course BMW also offers a charge solution, either from the Wallbox so be compliment in every purchase of i8 or via a regular power outlet with a minimum capacity of 1300 VA.
The variety of modes you choose, the battery charge time ranges from 11 hours to 2 hours more.

Interesting fact,  to travel per kilometer with this eDrive mode if continuously in-charge via electricity. Save, right? . If not interested in plugging each cable parked i8 into the garage, we also try to use the gasoline engine to become a generator that automatically recharge the batteries.

Then if put into Sport mode, the battery will be charged to 75 percent of 5 percent after running about 20 km, while in Comfort mode the engine will only charge the battery for a while before returning to electric mode. it can be concluded that this car is suitable for daily. And is a very luxurious future car.

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