Nissan Rogue Reviews 2017 Specs , Interior & Exterior

nissan rogue review Nissan Rogue Reviews – Nissan Rogue always comes with a very good appearance. It has exquisite interior and exterior design, comfortable to look and feel. Using quality materials and many features that make you more comfortable. Already using the cruise control that follows the times and is very convenient to use. And … Read more

24 inch rims Verde Custom Wheels Chrome And Glossy Black

24 inch rims Allins Verde is a very popular rims. With a unique shape and looks sporty, make your car more cool. Has a characteristic with a chrome color bandage. Which has an expensive impression on the eye view. 24 inch rims Verde Allins are usually used to modify cars from America. Like Dodge, Ford, … Read more

Super Pro 16.5 Tires RXM-32 TrXus MT For Off Road

TRXUS Mud 16.5 tires a very popular tire. Designed for the type of car Off road, Mini Truck, SUV with a very good tire groove. TRXUS has a very good thickness. And more comfortable to use in the mud field than other tires. With the size of 16.5 tires, your trip will be very pleasant … Read more

Mazda rx7 Specifications Reviews – Engine – Body Kits

Mazda rx7 is a sports car manufactur by Mazda from 1978 , 1993 to 2002. RX-7 initially use a rotary wankel engine with a capacity of 1,146 cc (69.9 cu in) with rear-wheel drive. RX-7 replaces the RX-3. The RX-7 was originally a sports car with headlights hidden. And only available with a 2 seat … Read more