22 Inch Rims For Cars With Tires

22 inch dub rims

Modification of car wheels with a change from the design of standard alloy wheels can improve the car’s appearance drastically. Usually modifications made is to replace the material alloy wheels that were formerly of iron into aluminum, change the design of alloy wheels with the latest designs and also change the size of the alloy wheels become larger / smaller (mostly to the larger) to look more handsome.

Well know automotive lovers turned out to enlarge the wheel either diameter. Or tread also has a positive and negative impact on the car (profit and loss), among others:

* More stable in maneuvering (cornering)
*  standard in terms of braking / reducing the speed of the car
*  strong grip on the asphalt / not easy to slip, because usually add a large alloy wheels also increase the width of the wheel
* The car look better

22 inch rims 6 lug

* Comfort is reduced
because the greater the wheel so the thickness of the tire wall should be reduced tires not to shift the spakbor / body, which on the tire actually also has a suspension system. Well do not be surprised if the cars with large wheels and thin tire walls feel hard suspension

Here are some views of the 22 inch Rims For Cars ( chevy , Dodge , And other )

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