67-69 Camaro For Sale Picture List For American Musle Lover


This 67-69 Camaro For Sale has a 350 cubic inch V8 which is present as part of the SS-350. This machine is supplied with 4 cylinder carburettes and rated a minimum of 295 horsepower. The achieved torque was recorded at 380 pund feet at 3200 rpm.

Owned machine wrapped with 4 speed manual transmission or automatic powerglide. It has a coupe, disc brakes, luxury interior, special instrumentation, and rally sport options. The engines of the 67-69 Camaro For Sale are set to create 295 horsepower very easily at 3,800 Rpm. With good appeal, from 800 rpm above. The 3200-lb camaro is limited to 320 hp only, as this does not qualify as a sports car.


camaro only exist in 2 models. Coupe notchback and convertible are both 2 doors. Fastbacks, has 4 doors and sports wagon if any. we chose the sports coupe because it looks interesting . The Camaro has HD support, wide rim wheels, closer transmission ratio, and rear axle ratio options. 4 speed manual transmission for 67-69 Camaro For Sale.

67 68 69 camaro for sale in houston area

 67-69 camaro for sale in california 67-69 camaro for sale in texas 67-69 camaro for sale ebay 67-69 camaro for sale florida

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