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American Eagle Rims is America’s leading manufacturer of metal after-market automobile and truck wheels. We tend to area unit the oldest in camera command and family in hand corporation within the trade. And we tend to maintain and operate our own distribution network of wholesale locations across the U.S., Canada, North American nation and also the Caribbean. bald eagle Wheel operates 2 producing facilities within the U.S., one in Calif. and also the second in South geographic area. We tend to utilize the foremost advanced technologies within the trade including: ProE, ProMechanica and stone engineering code at intervals our R&D teams; “counter-pressure-casting” technologies, that were pioneered by AEWC and analysis facilities in Europe; exclusive use of exactitude CNC machine tools and progressive coatings facilities to make the best finishes out there.

Bald eagle Wheel Corporation is committed to extraordinary client expectations by producing the very best quality product at competitive prices. Through progressive technology and a responsibility to environmental issues, we attempt to be a profit to our workers, AN quality to the community, and a positive expertise for all United Nations agency have contact with the corporate. a replacement addition to bald eagle Wheels. Two-tone black and machined finished American Eagle Rims with stainless-steel Technology. Our bald eagle Chrome rims area unit still a high trafficker. All bald eagle custom wheels area unit designed for today’s increased performance cars and trucks. All of our bald eagle wheels settle for settle for aftermarket TPMS sensors. The all bald eagle wheels carry the manufacturor’s warranties.

You would not dress to travel out on the city and wear shoes that mismatched your garments would you? If you set on a blue suit you actually wouldn’t wear brown shoes, that is simply tacky. you are fun with the vehicle that you just drive and need everybody to understand that you are fun with it. you’ve got place lots of labor into paint and interior. do not neglect the wheels that your ride is sitting on. folks verify the wheels even as they give the impression of being at shoes. Do your wheels match the remainder of your ride? If you’ve got Boss wheels, you’ll make certain that they are doing.

If you have a group of Boss wheels, you know that you only have the best style and skills. You realize that sophisticated pc styles and in-depth analysis and development go into your wheel making. This R & D guarantees you that your wheels are not merely trendy but structurally stable. You realize that American Eagle Rims will take the social control you offer them and keep the trip safe for you.

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