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Bmw I Eight Price Reviews

Bmw I Eight Price – BMW announced its participation in the Formula E car racing championship starting season 2018/2019. The FIA, the world motor vehicle body, accepts and approves BMW’s registration as a machine supplier for the 2018/2019 racing season. This participation will reinforce the image of BMW i that they are press. One that is quite successful is this BMW i8. i8 is the first plug-in powered sports car to enter the BMW mass-production line. The design looks futuristic and sophisticated features. BMW claims this car can accelerate from 0-100 kph in 4.4 seconds. The electric dynamo is capable of moving the car as far as 37 km, and with the help of three-wheeled engine, the i8 will be able to move up to 530 km.

To support efficiency and performance, Bmw I Eight is designed to have a minimalist weight. Therefore, BMW carries a lightweight material in all parts of the car. Start from door to bolt. They rely on expensive materials such as aluminum, carbon, and upscale plastic to form the i8. That’s why, when sitting inside, there’s a different feeling from this car, which is hard to say because it has to be felt.

What is interesting is the material that is present in the interior, everything is environmentally friendly. For example, the visible and expensive plastic material is the result of recycling of drink bottles. Dalberia Brown colored leather material (sounds fancy, huh?) Gets the color from the base material coating.

what about features? Yes definitely complete. What you expect from a BMW sports car is here. Includes HUD (Heads Up Display), which is displayed on the windshield so that the driver can directly see the driving information, without having to glance at the speedometer.

Standard Bmw I Eight Price

Bmw I Eight Price Reached $ 3.5 Million And Bmw I Eight is available in 5 different colors – Crystal White Pearl Bmw I Blue Metallic, Sophisto Gray Brilliant With I Blue, Sophisto Gray Brilliant With Frozen Gray Metallic, Iconic Silver With I Blue and Crystal White Pearl Forzen Gray Metallic


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