Used Ford Focus Rs500 Price And Specs For Sale

Ford Focus Rs500 Price

Ford Focus Rs500 a new breakthrough from Ford which is the hard core version of the previous ford focus. It has a sporty body, with light weight and upgraded chassis to improve its performance.has a standard 6 speed RS manual. Has an all wheel drive system type. And this car menyungsung turbo 4-cylinder high-voltage 2.3-liter that can make 350 horsepower and has a torque of 350 lb-ft.

The Ford Focus Rs500 for sale enhances hot hatch performance for a temporary period. This car is sold limited to 500 units in europe. By having a good performance, this Ford Focus Rs500 Price is $ 36.775. This car is ready to be a competitor of Audi, bmw and mercedes benz

ford focus rs500 price in india


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