Gs350 f Sport Lexus Reviews Specifications

gs350 f sport lexus

In mid-2016 yesterday Lexus launched its newest sedan that variant Lexus GS, this car itself hadri in two variants namely gs350 f sport lexus and Lexus GS 200t, Lexus as the manufacturer of luxury cars . this series into a captivating material that is charming, premium design making the owner become indtimewa for having this expensive car. menggusung concept Accelerate in Luxury Lexus GS comes with a machine that is not less powerful that is a turbo engine.

With the looks of the Premium no wonder if the price of Lexus GS dibandrol very expensive, the price is more than one billion is not as expensive as Lexus ES is valued 1.5 million, for buddy who plans to buy this car must be ready to spend deeply, because the price very expensive it must be only exsecutive who can own this sedan car, the name of the famous Lexus with a premium manufacturer will certainly add prestige for my friend who uses this car.

gs350 f sport 2015

This time we will provide information on the latest specs on the Lexus gs350 f sport, where this car offers 9 attractive color options for pal, grille display is a bit more sederhan and the same sedan Lexus ES variant but seen there is a bulge and indentation near the bottom foglamp, with this display at the same time gives a deep difference in this car compared with others, because as we know all the look of the average Lexus car has a grill that is almost the same.

Using a machine with an Inline -4 Turbocharged Engine paste type would certainly be worth more than lexus gs 200t to be able to run fast on the highway, the engine capacity of 1,998 cc makes it has 241 HP power in 5,800 rpm engine speed, maximum torque obtained 350 yan Nm at 4,400 rpm, the speed achieved by this sedan car reaches 230 km / h.

2013 lexus gs350 f sport

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