Honda Civic Hatchback 2017 Reviews For Honda Lovers

2017 honda civic hatchback

2017 honda civic hatchback Design

The concept of the honda civic hatchback Turbo design is ‘Extremely Sport Design with Innovative Silhouette’. The concept makes this hatchback look to be more sporty both front and rear view.

Although cursory the same as the sedan version, but there are some things that make this car look different. The most noticeable is the Civic Hatchback Turbo does not use chrome garnish on the front bumper but black garnish. While for the stern, Honda pinned the rear spoiler is large enough to make the car feels more aggressive.

Log into the interior, Civic hatchback using the concept of ‘Daring ACE Design’. This concept makes the rider more comfortable driving because of its ergonomic design but still has a sporty look.

2017 honda civic hatchback sport Engine

For its own engine, the Civic hatchback uses a 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo engine with Earth Dreams Technology. This engine produces power of 170 hp and torque reaching 219 Nm perfoma is channeled through a 7-speed CVT transmission. The arrangement of the gear can be felt by the driver paddle shit feature stored behind the wheel.

First impression when the first moment inside is the atmosphere of the cabin is quite roomy or the same as the atmosphere of the Civic sedan.

Visibility to the front is quite good although the A pillar feels a little blocking the view but still within the limits of tolerance. While visibility to the rear is slightly disturbed because it is blocked by a rear spoiler and rear passenger headrest.

 honda civic hatchback sport 2017

2017 honda civic hatchback configurations

But for business driving position, we admitted Civic Hatchback has its own advantages. The Civic Hatchback Turbo has been equipped with Tilt & Telescopic features on the steering wheel, as well as an 8-way Power Seat Adjuster Driver for the E variant. With this feature the driver is more free in determining the best driving position.

Now just try this car performance. Simply by pressing the start button, the car engine immediately lights up smooth. We like is the damping that makes the sound from outside is quite minimal so that comfort in the cabin is increasing.

The hand brake button is pressed and the gas pedal slowly rests and the car begins walking gently forward. The journey that we do is just around Senayan after Isa call. It’s not the right time to maximize performance. Practically we just feel a few other advantages.

One of them is we can try brake hold feature with more leverage. This feature is quite helpful in driving in the middle of congestion. With this feature, then the car is not advanced when the brakes are released. Unlike the hand brake, with this brake hold the driver does not need to turn off the brake hold when forward but simply press the gas pedal only.

The streets are solid but occasionally we find the streets are a little quiet and try to directly press the gas pedal deep. The engine did answer with fast acceleration, but once again not maximal because the road conditions are not possible to spur the speed of the car.

As a result of testing the engine sector we conclude not maximal. Overall engine performance reviews may we reveal more in depth to the next issue. But at least, this car can answer the needs of hatchback lovers of Honda a few years ago. This is Honda Civic Hatchback Turbo.

honda civic hatchback 2018

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