Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Reviews Specs And Price

lamborghini aventador roadster price

lamborghini aventador sv roadster Review

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster A terrible supercar sensation is felt in the Roadster. Since looking at its exterior, its wide, long, flat posture is quite intimidating. Pretty same as the Coupe but with a roof that can be opened manually. Lamborghini wants the Roadster rigidity to remain as good as the Coupe, so the strengthening of the construction forces the Roadster weight to increase by 60 kg.

Carrying V12 phenomenal engine capacity of 688 cc, SV Roadster has a maximum power of 700 dk. This machine is very deafening especially when driven to redline. No exaggeration if it sounds like a jet engine.

Integrated 7-speed automatic transmission, Roadster power distribution is very sensational. Short, but because the single clutch makes the displacement very rough. Great style was like throwing back to back.


lamborghini aventador roadster sv price

As the Autobild tests its acceleration, Roadster is able to complete 0-100 km / h in 3.3 seconds. Slower 0.1 seconds behind his brother, Coupe. Even so, the Roadster record makes it the owner of the fastest acceleration this year.

Lamborghini is the most expert to make an iconic car. Of all their products, type V12-engined roadster has always been the main. This year, as a 50th birthday present, Lamborghini also presents the latest version of the V12 roadster in the form of a phenomenal Aventador. We’ve tried it in Miami earlier this year.


Lamborghini technicians devote a lot of thought to this open roof. They use the latest carbon fiber blend for weight reduction and structural strength. The result, Aventador Roadster is only weighing 60 kg above the coupe version and has similar body rigidity.

But it must be admitted it takes effort and more time to open the roof cover because it does not have automatic folders. Lamborghini did not want the tool to add weight and cause the shape of the car is not as beautiful as this.

There was an overwhelming feeling of tension and excitement upon entering his modern cabin. Outstanding ergonomic seating position combined materials and exotic designs in the cabin will make you forget all the things in the world. All he wanted in his cabin was one, immediately riding it.

Press the start button in the middle, instantly its 5.498 cc engine unit roars loudly. Her voice was so sweet and addictive to her listening. When the roof is closed the damping is very good, but you can open a small window at the back that makes your ear directly connected to the machine. It’s a small feature that illustrates how Lamborghini wants its customers to enjoy the beauty of their engine sound.

Run this car within the city, you’ll feel intimidated by its narrow visibility as well as its wide dimensions. Distribution of strength itself is not stressful in Strada mode because it is quite smooth and easy to control. But once the driving mode is transferred to Corsa mode and you dare press the gas more deeply, immediately everything changes.

In a matter of milliseconds the sound of the engine turned very fierce and the body stumbled back hard. It only took a moment to make the engine scream to 8,500 rpm. Press paddle-shift to raise the teeth, and this transmission will make a rough movement that makes your head bump into the chair again.

lamborghini aventador roadster sv

Claim 0-100 km / h This car is achieved in 3.0 seconds. In the USA, we can still record 3.3 seconds. Just 0.1 secs below coupe type. If you have the guts and ready to bear all the risks, Aventador Roadster ready melesatkan you to top speed 350 km / hour. At that speed, you will travel a length of 1 ball field in 1 second only.

lamborghini aventador sv roadster price

This car is super in every way. His performance is amazing as well as his sense of riding and his brutal performance. Not to forget the price is also super, almost $288,840 in the state on-the road. This is the right car for you billionaires who want the most extreme supercar. If you can not afford it, this car is also very good collected as a poster or miniature. HAHAHA if you want to feel its performance please play the game Need For Speed, and Forza Horizon .

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