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Lamborghini For Sale –¬†Lamborghini does not want to be a nut that forgets the skin. In addition to their cooperation with the Italian police to hold Lamborghini Huracan fleet as police cars, they also have offerings for his hometown of Sant’Agata Bolognese. A few months ago, Lamborghini held an internal architecture contest¬†with the challenge of designing a suitable monument for the bull’s hometown.

Lamborghini is most expert at making iconic cars. Of all their products, type V12-engined roadster has always been the main. This year, as a 50th birthday present, Lamborghini also presents the latest version of the V12 roadster in the form of a phenomenal Aventador.

Lamborghini technicians devote a lot of thought to this open roof. They use the latest carbon fiber blend for weight reduction and structural strength. The result, Aventador Roadster is only weighing 60 kg above the coupe version and has a similar body rigidity.

But it must be admitted it takes effort and more time to open the roof cover because it does not have automatic folders. Lamborghini did not want the tool to add weight and cause the shape of the car is not as beautiful as this.

There was an overwhelming feeling of tension and excitement upon entering his modern cabin. Outstanding ergonomic seating position combined materials and exotic designs in the cabin will make you forget all the things in the world. All he wanted in his cabin was one, immediately riding it.

Test Drive With lamborghini lp700-4 for sale

Run this car within the city, you’ll feel intimidated by its narrow visibility as well as its wide dimensions. Distribution of strength itself is not stressful in Strada mode because it is quite smooth and easy to control. But once the driving mode is transferred to Corsa mode and you dare press the gas more deeply, immediately everything changes.

In a matter of milliseconds the sound of the engine turned very fierce and the body stumbled back hard. It only took a moment to make the engine scream to 8,500 rpm. Press paddle-shift to raise the teeth, and this transmission will make a rough movement that makes your head bump into the chair again.

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