Mazda rx7 Specifications Reviews – Engine – Body Kits

mazda rx7

Mazda rx7 is a sports car manufactur by Mazda from 1978 , 1993 to 2002. RX-7 initially use a rotary wankel engine with a capacity of 1,146 cc (69.9 cu in) with rear-wheel drive. RX-7 replaces the RX-3. The RX-7 was originally a sports car with headlights hidden. And only available with a 2 seat coupé version. Mazda rx7 body kit is very sporty, symbolizes that this car is typical japan or jdm.

Mazda RX7 engine is prais by critics because this car uses a wankel engine. That is not normally use for cars. This car’s motor is one of the strongest, thanks to the twin-turbo system.

Mazda RX-7 has been known through various pop culture media such as The Fast and the Furious Series, Initial D, Need for Speed, Wangan Midnight, Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. Even rx7 for sale success in Motorsport too.


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