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We are serious with our firmness to test and evaluate the Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 For Sale, but occasionally we are a little leaning in the absurd direction. Take our trip to Kelowna, British Columbia, to drive a 4×4 Sprinter 4×4 Mercedes-Benz 2015 on a road that includes miles of two rough logging track lanes. Mercedes is anxious to show us that the four-wheel-drive Sprinter has a serious off-road team, of course, but we’re generally curious to know how a full-size van is worth $ 40K-plus, raised, four-quarters.

These two destinations congregate after a simple 115-mile cruise from Kelowna to the semi-remote Revelstoke ski town, where we are given logistics and safety briefing. Among the hints: Do not get lost too far from Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 For Sale because the local bear comes out of hibernation and can be “fussy.” Then came a strict order not to use the tree-lined walkway, which glided uphill from our winding mountain route. . . . because the load trucks loaded down them “can not really stop.”

Mercedes jacks up the 4×4’s suspension by 4.3 inches in front and 3.1 in the rear. But aside from the raised ride height and a switch to the right of the steering wheel to engage four-wheel drive. There’s little indication the 265-pound 4WD system is there at all. The steering is accurate, the big van tracks straight and true, and the new Crosswind Assist feature kept things on the straight. And narrow even when oncoming tractor-trailers drove air directly into the van’s flank. (Working with the standard stability-control program, Crosswind Assist brakes individual wheels to mitigate wandering due to high winds or sudden gusts.) The brake pedal is firm and its response linear. And the Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 For Sale exhibits shockingly good body control for something so tall.


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